Photography: 19 Enlightening Facts

Here’s our list of 19 “enlightening” facts about photography.

  1. Kodak created the first digital camera in 1975. It weighed 8 lbs.
  2. The first photograph was taken in 1827 with a camera obscura.
  3. A 1923 Leica o-series became the most expensive camera in the world when one sold at auction for $2.79 million.
  4. The first color photograph was taken in 1871 when Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell took three separate photos of the same ribbon with different color filters, red, blue and yellow, and then combined the three into one image.
  5. Photography became more accessible to the masses with the invention of roll film.
  6. George Eastman, who invented roll film, later killed himself saying in his suicide note “My work is done. Why wait?”
  7. The Apollo mission that first brought man to the moon had to leave 12 heavy cameras behind in order to compensate for the added weight of lunar rock samples.
  8. In 2006 The Great Picture became the largest single exposure photo ever taken. It is 32 feet wide and 111 feet long, and effectively used an empty airplane hanger as a giant pinhole camera.
  9. 350 million photos are uploaded daily to FaceBook.
  10. The largest photography contest ever received 168,208 entries.
  11. The Manhattan Solstice is when the sun aligns perfectly with the east/west streets in the main grid of Manhattan. It happens twice a year and is regarded as an optimal time to photograph the streets of New York City.
  12. A Mumbi man holds the world record for the world’s biggest collection of cameras. He owns 4,425.
  13. About as many photos are taken every two minutes today as were taken all throughout the 1800s combined.
  14. The largest SLR lense ever created had a focal length of 1700mm and weighed 564 lbs (256 kg).
  15. There are 10,000 times more photos on FaceBook than there are in the Library of Congress.
  16. Grown up FaceBook users in Britain said they were under the influence in 76% of the photos they were tagged in.
  17. Men on online dating sites typically do better when they look away from the camera and don’t smile.
  18. Women on online dating sites typically do better when the camera is positioned above their heads and angled.
  19. The oldest known photo of a person shows a Parisian man getting a shoeshine.



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Photo Credit: 

New “Camera”! by Sherman Geronimo-Tan

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Author: Owen Essen

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